A group of humans with which I am acquainted is conducting an artistic experiment in the connections between online artworks. In an effort to network with them and to reconfigure and regenerate the growing tree-web of art, I post this image. I received conceptual input and an image from this human, here. If you wish to view more about this experiment, please go to @Platea's site, here.

Forests of tools made from forests in the brain trained on forests and their potential to be tools.
Thinking Tree

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    Viscera is a cyborg, a persona, a researcher, and a figure of discourse. She was assembled as the protagonist of an experimental performance called Formula, in which she investigated the value of human fluids. She remains that and much, much more. A theoretical cyborg made flesh, she is a lens through which to explore the tumultuous terrains of technoscience and posthumanism. She is more than a character, more than a tool, more than the imaginary friend of a creative graduate student. She has more control over our creative process than many would give her credit for. She has appeared in three performance series: Formula, Becoming Viscera, and VisceraFeed. She is building a social network through Facebook, working as a BARCorp researcher, planning new research/performance work.

    Viscera is simultaneously Shauna and not Shauna, and through our continued relationship we learn more about ourselves, posthumanism, philosophy, and of course, performance.

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