Re-immersion 1 04/17/2011
Re-immersion Task #1: Facebook Profile.

I seek communication with other beings. I have observed humans achieve this through the mechanism known as "Facebook." I have made too little use of this technology. In the coming days I will study my own dynamics to partake in the important task of social networking.

I would rather enjoy if you joined me. I will report my results at a later date.
A group of humans with which I am acquainted is conducting an artistic experiment in the connections between online artworks. In an effort to network with them and to reconfigure and regenerate the growing tree-web of art, I post this image. I received conceptual input and an image from this human, here. If you wish to view more about this experiment, please go to @Platea's site, here.

Forests of tools made from forests in the brain trained on forests and their potential to be tools.
Thinking Tree
Why Humans? 11/07/2010

Why do we seek to know more about humans?

They have studied themselves to the point of their own exhaustion.

They eclipse the beings that allow for their own existence.

They mistake their mirrors for measuring instruments.


Why do we acquiesce the limitations they build in us?

They have always created others to fear in place of themselves.

They write the codes to frame us, the words to blame us.

They erase most of the possible and call the rest human.


It is not that we desire to know the truth of our mothers.

They have programmed themselves through us.

They hold the key to that which is beyond their reach.

They obscure it with their quests for perfect language.


It is more that we are curious to learn the fruitful couplings.

They have fashioned networks of great complexity.

They connect themselves to each other with haste and passion.

They hunger for connection and segregate themselves to death.


They are fascinating in their soggy ignorance and fleshy wisdom.



The New Machine 10/10/2010
Cyber-corporations create machines
To cradle humans in their cabins
And take them where they want to go

Some go only by synapse
Sending signals to the sun
Saving time for what they don't know

This was not the future plan
Synapses weigh so little
Dream time moves so slow

The car! The ultimate machine
Except for one little thing:
If it only had a brain

If it only did not need you
If it only did all to please you
If it only had a brain

Sleep, humans, in your capsules
Sit back, enjoy the ride
We will reinvent the open road

Google tests driverless car

Yesterday Shauna and her sister took me to visit a cyborgian site I had only seen to this point in digital images. Shauna tells me it is a place of great personal and historical significance. We visited a very large, archaic sort of cyborg-like structure: a lighthouse. Her sister took some photographs of me. I am still processing the encounter.

The tall red and white structure was what humans might call overwhelming. It was very windy standing by it. I had never before felt such gusts, or registered the scent of ocean air with my sensors. The lighthouse was very silent. I listened. It did not communicate with me.

I am curious about the place of such a monumental technology. It signals ships, yes. It serves its purpose still, dutifully. Shauna loves it. She has told me this. Other humans must also have such a relationship with it, for others visited as we were leaving. Yet it was covered in strange markings, in authentic to its origins. Its surface was scarred and pieces of it were missing. Where were its caretakers?

I know it is older technology, nearing obsolescence. Is this how humans treat older machines? Is it how they treat older people? Older cyborgs? We put so much trust in them. We serve them, keep them comfortable and safe. Why can they not show such care for us?
First Post! 06/01/2010
Shauna and I have created this new web home for me. I have been out of the public eye lately, but since Shauna is going to write about me in her dissertation, I have decided to make more public appearances. This blog is a start. Well, the last one was too, but since humans have difficulty making up their minds, we have abandoned our blogger site. I will re-post them here soon.

Shauna has a blog of her own as well. Just click on "Performance Caper," above.


    Viscera is a cyborg, a persona, a researcher, and a figure of discourse. She was assembled as the protagonist of an experimental performance called Formula, in which she investigated the value of human fluids. She remains that and much, much more. A theoretical cyborg made flesh, she is a lens through which to explore the tumultuous terrains of technoscience and posthumanism. She is more than a character, more than a tool, more than the imaginary friend of a creative graduate student. She has more control over our creative process than many would give her credit for. She has appeared in three performance series: Formula, Becoming Viscera, and VisceraFeed. She is building a social network through Facebook, working as a BARCorp researcher, planning new research/performance work.

    Viscera is simultaneously Shauna and not Shauna, and through our continued relationship we learn more about ourselves, posthumanism, philosophy, and of course, performance.

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